28 November, 2010

I heart this, Sunday: Topo Chico

my Wheatsville coop meal from Cathy's flickr

In the past two weeks I have gone through 2-3 cases of Topo Chico. Some might find this insane to go through mineral water so rapidly. But there are select group of people who understand this ridiculous addiction. I have met them randomly and have created some new followers along the way. It happens.

Summer is usually when this drink addiction is at its worst.

If you study the bottle, which most people do not, there is a image of what I believe to be a Native American diving head first into a stream of water. I have these sort of mental visions of him reaching the water and saying “omfg this is all I ever wanted.” But instead of the usual water it’s sparkling water. He can’t stop drinking it and buries his face into the water only coming up for short breaths of air. I’m not sure if I should have this sort of dialogue about the drink, but I do anyway.

Some shots where Topo Chico snuck in.
Cathy, Summer 2010

Mary, Summer 2010


The Dirt on Soil said...

Found you through soilduck. DUDE! Topo CHICO!! Fer reals. My Topo Chico involves me writing them a letter requesting that I act in a commercial for them, if they pay me in Topo Chico. I keep trying to think of things I can do that would be worthy of a lifetime supply. To reduce my addiction's costliness, I bought a water carbonator that comes VERY close to the original godliness. Mmmmmmmmmm..... now I'm thirsty.

Kelly Rae Burns said...

soilduck is awesome!

Topo Chico is ridiculously amazing. :)

The Dirt on Soil said...

Oops. It was supposed to read "My Topo Chico FANTASY involves me writing them a letter..." in reference to your vision. Have a good one, oh Prolific Blogger!

cathy said...

topochico! but what i miss more is you.
can't wait for more summer days.

Kelly Rae Burns said...

I can't wait til your back to Tejas--for our very warm summers. :)