01 November, 2010

Event: Halloween 2010

So it's Halloween, what could you possibly want to do on October 31st in Austin, TX? Go downtown to 6th street of course :-) Although I have lived here for many years, 2009 was my first year downtown. There were always rumors parading around sixth street on Halloween, yay mobs!

As for costumes, this year I wanted to connect my love of internet memes. My costume is a double rainbow made of cardboard, least I didn't buy it prepackaged? :P

These are some photos from 6th:
Jelly Belly Beans

Also, I went to Enchanted Forest for a random party. I thought it was closed, too. I danced a bit and left feeling glad to venture back into the forest.
Enchanted forest

Upcoming: Art Library Association Meeting-TXMXchapter. Anthropogenesis Art Show.

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