21 November, 2010

Draw what you want, Wednesday

Yay! Another Draw what you want, Wednesday! I started this project on November 2nd and it is where I take requests to draw something, anything, that you want. If you have something you want me to draw, either post a comment or contact me.

This week I'm taking Jess Drake's request of "mystical fungi." Jess Drake is an awesome soil scientist, you can check out what she does on her blog. Also, she has a foodie blog, where she posts awesome recipes :)

Jess from Edwina's Flickr, 2010

So here is this weeks, Draw what you want, "mystical fungi" :)
Mystical Fungi, 2010


Jess said...

Awesome! Makes me so happy, Kel :D

Kelly Rae Burns said...

<3 :)