22 December, 2010

Draw what you want, Wednesday

Camping May 2010

This weeks request was by Tad (aka Polyphase)

Tad's request:

Its not wednesday, and I'm not good at following rules, so ill post here. Will you draw a one humped camel and a two humped camel yin-yangish deal? You know, with the humps fitting together. I believe this happens frequently, but no one has ever witnessed it before. My life will not be complete without a rendition.

I rather like how it turned out, hope that you do too.

Yin-Yang Camels, 2010

18 December, 2010

Event: National Arts Project Reception

Teruko N.
Teruko, 2008

Teruko Nimura, my dear friend, won Best of Show at the 8th National Arts Project Reception at the Mexican American Cultural Center.

Teruko and I met in 2008 right before I left for Ox bow School of Art and Australia.

the National Arts Program

I have always been very proud to know her. The artwork she creates is amazing and should be prized in the spectrum of contemporary art.

kel and Te
Photobooth, 2010

After the event we tried Walton's Fancy and Staple's food off West 6th. The place was super adorable and definitely a place we will be going back to.

Walton's Fancy and Staple, 2010

Walton's Fancy and Staple, 2010

Event: KGSR 20th Anniversary Party

Jeremie invited me to the KGSR 20th Anniversary event. She's been interning as their designer for a couple of months

AParty Foam Core 2
by Jeremie Fletcher
The event had free Salt Lick BBQ and some neat live country bands. I only caught one band, Joe Ely.

Toy Joy
Jeremie at Toy Joy

We went downtown for a little bit then went to Toy Joy. Jeremie and I looked at all the random trinkets :-) Also, had a Honeysuckle bubble tea while meandering through the store.

Toy Joy
Honeysuckle Bubble Tea at Toy Joy <3 <3

16 December, 2010

Rice Gallery: Sarah Oppenheimer

I went to the Rice Gallery after Thanksgiving to see Sarah Oppenheimer's installation, D17, before the show closed. Sarah Oppenheimer

The Rice Gallery is hard to find but usually very worth the aimless wandering around Rice University. Asking random strangers where the gallery is and their reply, "go through this building and eventually you'll see a ton of glass windows and you're there." The obscurity of the directions bothered me but I knew I could always ask some other random student.

Also, I wanted to post images of my Yinka Shonibare book,
Yinka Shonibare

Such a lovely book, I recommend it to anyone fascinated with contemporary art, textiles or African art.

15 December, 2010

Artwork Update: December

yay! artwork update:

Fox Squirrel
Fox Squirrel


like me, she was imperfect
Like me, she was imperfect

12 December, 2010

I Heart This, Sunday: Street Art

2010, Austin, TX
Le Petit Prince

San Jacinto
south first
Jesus cornbread

2008, Canberra, Australia
Canberra street art
brush brush

2007, Paris, France
street color

2007, Milan, Italy
Milano, Italia
Milano, Italia

2007 Austin, TX

08 December, 2010

Event: Blonde Redhead

Last week I went with Jeremie to the Blonde Redhead show at La Zona Rosa. The opening act was someone I saw at sxsw last year, Ólöf Arnalds. Edwina and I went to see her at the Driskill Hotel. There was no seating but Edwina and I were tired so we sat on the floor. The audience followed suit and I have to say it is an awesome way to see Ólöf perform.

I'm not sure the Austin crowd appreciated it though. :/ either way I was excited to see her again :-)

Jeremie <3
Jeremie, Fujifilm Instax, 2010

Edwina at Rio Rita, March 2010

Blonde Redhead's show was nice.
Blonde Redhead
Blonde Redhead, Fujifilm instax, 2010

Blonde Redhead
Blonde Redhead, Fujifilm instax, 2010

After the show Jeremie and I hit up Halcyon for some latenight tea. I had Chamomile and Jeremie had Roobios

Draw what you want, Wednesday

Heather L.
Heather Lucky, Polaroid, 2008

My dear friend Heather Lucky requested, "you should draw cheese." She said this with a slight smirk knowing that I cannot eat cheese. I think back on one of my first episodes of drinking dairy and getting flu like symptoms. I drank a half glass full of 2% milk and was on the bathroom floor in the fetal position for a couple of hours.

I think people assume that food allergies are just a way of being "difficult." And I have had many people say "you could just take beano" or introduce milk back into my diet. I do have cheese now and again because I adore brie but mostly I try and keep it out of my body. If my body reacts in unsettling ways I'd rather appreciate my bodies wishes.

Anyhow, when heather asked me to draw cheese, I started to daydream about the cheeses I would eat. So that is what I drew.
Cheese, ink on paper, 2010

Muenster is something that was always in our fridge as a child. the slight bitter taste always amazed me. And as a child I would love eating it's orange edges.

Cheddar also amazed me but much later. I loved the hard cheddars where they bite back.

Brie. My favourite cheese and with such a varied taste range. <3 <3 <3

05 December, 2010

I Heart This, Sunday: photos of friends eating

So I was looking through my food set on flickr and found these photos of friends eating. I enjoy catching our moments of food rendezvous. Hope you enjoy them as well <3

Edwina at 24Diner
Edwina at 24Diner, Austin, TX, 2010

Adrienne at Bouldin Creek Coffeehouse, 2010 Bouldin Creek is the progress of moving to a new location, around Mary and South 1st.

Jerms at Dhaba
Jeremie at Dhaba Joy, Austin, TX 2008 ps: It's connected to Toy Joy and they do not sell cupcakes anymore. Try their ice cream though-pure goodness.

Thai Passion
Natalie at Thai Passion, Austin, TX 2007

Aaron at Lux Bakery, Austin, TX 2007

Adam eating
Adam at Austin Java, 2007

02 December, 2010

Draw what you want, Wednesday

Okay so it's Thursday but I have an excuse? I went to Blonde Redhead last night and didn't get a chance to scan in this drawing til today.

My friend Anthony Sonnenberg requested an orchid for this weeks drawing.

Tony's Bday
Anthony Sonnenberg, 2009

Orchid, 2010

Event: Art Day with my mum (11/18)

belated posting...
my mommy at bouldin creekscan0001

Blanton Museum of Art's exhibition, Turner to Monet: Masterpieces from The Walters Art Museum

October 2, 2010 – January 2, 2011
Claude Monet, Springtime 1872 (notes: you don't even notice the book) AND Mariano José María Bernardo Fortuny y Carbó, An Ecclesiastic

Jean Béraud, Paris Kiosk

Eugène Delacroix, Wild Horse Felled by Tiger, 1828

I'm not as excited by paintings as I am drawings. Drawing has a natural fluidity.

Harry Ransom Center exhibition,
Discovering the Language of Photography: The Gernsheim Collection

Sept. 7, 2010, to Jan. 2, 2011
Warren De la Rue
Notes: What and Who we choose to photograph means something.

Also, got a new art book, Yinka Shonibare. Still kicking myself for not going back to Sydney before I left Australia to see his exhibition at the MCA.

Also, from the Blanton's permanent collection and one of my favourites,
Ben Shahn, From That Day On, 1960, oil and tempera on canvas and board