30 August, 2011

Artwork Update: August 2011

I considered her my ally

I considered her my ally, 2011

I'll look with you

I'll look with you, 2011

what they know
what they know, 2011

29 August, 2011

ArtCrowd End of Summer Bash

This past weekend we went to the MFAH art crowd party.  They wouldnt allow me to take photos- :'(  It was nice to look at the Second Nature: Contemporary Landscape from the MFAH collection exhibition again.  We mostly looked at Melissa Miller's Tapestry painting that I mentioned in a earlier post.

I adore her.

As I've mentioned before she has a lovely book printed by the University of Texas at Austin Press, which you can buy from them or amazon.  

23 August, 2011

Event: Parents in town and Bhldn

My parents came into town last weekend for dress shopping.  This post realizes how much I've stopped taking photos.  I should really stop feeling so silly taking my camera around because my blog seems sad without photos.  What's the point without the images?  Who wants to read large amounts of text anyway.

My BHLDN appt went very well.  We found "the one" as my friend Adrienne and I have been calling it.  

If you are curious about the name bhldn, it stems from beholden.  Even though their website talks about choosing the word based on the dutch word for keep, beholden.  There isn't any L in this word so I'm going back to beholden.

Beholden \bi-ˈhōl-dən, bē-\: being under obligation for a favor or gift : indebted <I'm beholden to you>

I tried on so many things-it was utterly exhausting.  You really can get lost in the intricacy of all the items in the store-which you can never even grasp online.  

Scan 2

20 August, 2011

Website update

I changed my website around recently.  I was really just aiming to add some publications that my work had been in.-Instead I changed almost everything-hope you enjoy!

17 August, 2011

Event: Austin weekend and Birthday Things

This post is super belated, but I wanted to add photos of the gift Hannah gave me.

For my birthday weekend we went to Austin.  Peter took me to Uchiko for my birthday dinner :-)
My favourites of Uchiko were:
1. Shime Saba (cured norwe­gian mack­erel, tomato, truffle, basil)
2. Sake Toro ( atlantic salmon belly, ginger, tamari)
3. Hotate (raw diver scallop, spicy sauce, avocado)
4. dessert (strawberry sorbet, aerated mint ganache, strawberry gelee, red beet puree)
Rio Rita
Afterwards we met with a few friends at Rio Rita and had a margarita with honeydew-delicious!
It was a fun and very 
eventful weekend!

Hannah gave me a lovely little gift-Magic 
Dancer.Magic Dancer

Upcoming Things that we may or may not do:
-Artful Thursday: Ordinary Seductions Lecture, Thursday, August 18th at 6:30pm
-bhldn opening in Houston (appointment-I will tell you how it goes)
-Art Crowd bash at MFAH, Friday, August 26th at 7:30pm

11 August, 2011

Final Project: Object Anthropology

For my digital imaging course at ischool I created a documentation of thirty objects in our home.  I really loved this project and it really defined how I feel about these objects.

Babar Toy
Polaroid Camera
Deer Stuffy

1. Babar Toy gifted from fellow artist, Anthony Sonnenberg
2. Quilt, gifted from my teacher friend, Sarah.
3. Polaroid camera bought secondhand in 2007.
4. Deer stuffy made by another fellow artist, Teruko Nimura
5. Globe found while thrifting.
You can see the rest of the images HERE.

09 August, 2011

BlogLove from La Hanza

Today, I was going through my google reader and came upon the most lovely post by my dear friend Hannah (aka La Hanza on her blog, Suicide Hotel).
Trail of Lights 08 Hannah
This bloglove really made my day.  You can see it by clicking HERE.  After going to Austin and moving some old items from my parents house to Houston-everything can seem pretty overwhelming.

BUT everything comes down to this:
Friends in our lives that see the YOU, that exists in a conglomeration of different moments, rather than the YOU they expect certain things from.

01 August, 2011

Event: Art day

On Saturday, July 30th, we went to see the new exhibitions at the MFAH and the CAMH.  The MFAH had two new exhibitions, Helmut Newton: White Women, Sleepless Nights, Big Nudes AND Second Nature: Contemporary landscapes from the MFAH collection. 
The Helmut Newton exhibition had several pieces I was infatuated with:
Saddle I

Jenny Capitain, Pension Dorian, Berlin 1977
To learn more about Helmut Newton click here or go to his foundation here.

Really adore saddle I because of it's sexual suggestions and relating.  I appreciate that she isn't nude but fully clothed in riding gear-displaying this ability for a woman to be dominant and submissive.  The second and third works I enjoyed for their conglomeration of broken beauty.  We get lost in concepts of perfectionism relating to the beautiful but in reality it is what defines us as different which makes us beautiful.  

In the Second Nature exhibition I went mainly to see Melissa Miller's work called Tapestry. 
She doesn't have a  website but does have a beautiful book which you can see here.

The CAMH had some Kara Walker prints but nothing else really fascinated me beyond those pieces.