08 December, 2010

Draw what you want, Wednesday

Heather L.
Heather Lucky, Polaroid, 2008

My dear friend Heather Lucky requested, "you should draw cheese." She said this with a slight smirk knowing that I cannot eat cheese. I think back on one of my first episodes of drinking dairy and getting flu like symptoms. I drank a half glass full of 2% milk and was on the bathroom floor in the fetal position for a couple of hours.

I think people assume that food allergies are just a way of being "difficult." And I have had many people say "you could just take beano" or introduce milk back into my diet. I do have cheese now and again because I adore brie but mostly I try and keep it out of my body. If my body reacts in unsettling ways I'd rather appreciate my bodies wishes.

Anyhow, when heather asked me to draw cheese, I started to daydream about the cheeses I would eat. So that is what I drew.
Cheese, ink on paper, 2010

Muenster is something that was always in our fridge as a child. the slight bitter taste always amazed me. And as a child I would love eating it's orange edges.

Cheddar also amazed me but much later. I loved the hard cheddars where they bite back.

Brie. My favourite cheese and with such a varied taste range. <3 <3 <3

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