31 October, 2010

Event: Dia de los Muertos Festival

Yesterday, Dia de los Muertos at the Mexican American Cultural Center
Mexican American Cultural CenterMexican American Cultural Center Teruko Nimura

We also visited the Monster Show 5 at Domy books,

Also, had an impromptu view of the Starving Art studios. It's a really neat place along with Starlite mini urban drive-in theatre. Emily Mitchell, one of the visual artists housed in the Starving Art community showed us around :-)

We also saw some of Matt Winters work in the gallery space,

Since I have been out of the "artist" loop since I took a gallery opening hiatus in 2010. It is nice to see what Austin is providing for the artists and it's nice to know the community is growing. I forgot how busy artists lives are, juggling all their different identities.

I heart this, Sunday: Frankie Magazine

All I can think about is Frankie. Yes, Frankie, something that I adore and wish that I could run to the magazine rack and buy. The first time I spotted Frankie was at Borders in Canberra, Australia. This is probably one of my most frequented spots, perusing the contemporary culture of Australia. It is a uber adorable magazine published in Australia which features illustrations and cutesy articles. Articles such as, The Parent Trap: Why mums and dads don't belong on facebook and My Inspirational Wall: Five Creatives, some blank space and lots and lots of stuff.

The last issue was a gift from my lovely friend, Edwina, which is from Dec 2009. An awesome gift :-)
Edwina Wright
I'm not sure that there is an American equivalent to this magazine, although Domino Mag came close. Too bad it's out of print as of 2009.

30 October, 2010

little girl Halloween

Found this old picture of me, I was Lady Lovely locks and my dad was Spud Mackenzie

Halloween 2009
I was shooting for Dia de los Muertos skeleton

I have to work on my costume for tonight. Also, there are a few rumors running around about an old venue being open, crossing my fingers that it's true. Otherwise I will be heading to 6th st in Austin to see the millions of crazies. Last year I saw a person dressed up as a tree (with real tree limbs).

Upcoming: Halloween. Art Library Association Meeting-TXMXchapter. Anthropogenesis Art Show.

29 October, 2010

Event: Momix

What: Momix Ballet
Where: University of Texas at Austin Performing Arts Center aka PAC

Momix had some very brillant parts, especially loved the black light hands.

Upcoming: Halloween. Art Library Association Meeting-TXMXchapter. Anthropogenesis Art Show.

Event: Art Outside 2010

2008 ArtOutside Performance, Enchanted Forest

2008 was my first time attending ArtOutside, it was held at the Enchanted Forest. Enchanted Forest was a venue located in Central Austin, a place of all night parties. They moved ArtOutside to Apache Pass which is located in Thorndale, TX.

2010 was my first year participating in ArtOutside as one of their visual artists. Also, my first time doing installation work for the public. It is a very new and strange thing to me, showing work that is so personal.

This installation looks at how humans disregard nature and our animalistic tendencies. We look to the natural world to help define ourselves but we are indifferent to our own Animalism. The shrouded anthropomorphic figure is our inability to see our true nature and how we deaden those emotions. The forms attached to the tree represent our cocooned selves waiting to reemerge from the societal numbness.

I will agree that art is ambiguous in our society but how else can we connect to our emotions? The layers of human perception are not limited to standard theories, we feel things that we cannot always define. So in this regard Art can show us a thought process separate from the theories and rules.

Other images from ArtOutside:
Austin Bike Zoo

Joseph Santandrea:

Minor Mishap Marching Band

UPCOMING: MOMIX. Halloween. Art Library Association Meeting-TXMXchapter. Anthropogenesis Art Show.