28 December, 2011

Xmas and New Years

For Christmas, Margaret and Ken (Peter's parents) came into town and helped with the move.  We also ate a nice whole foods turkey dinner together at our new place.  This was a very untraditional xmas but it was nice to see both our parents.  My parents came in suddenly and stayed with my aunt and uncle.  We only saw them for a short spell but it was nice to see both our parents for the holidays.  

Peter's amazing xmas gift from Rust.  If you haven't heard of Rust they are based in England.  They make beautifully delicate pieces.  

I have plans for this little locket to house my loved ones.

As for New Years eve we went to Discovery Green for New Years Live.  We caught the tail end of the art car parade and after walking around a little bit left.  It wasn't really for us and most of the time there wasn't anything going on.  They had cut a lot of the areas off so it was hard to get around through the park.  Next year we might just have something at our place-we will see how we feel next year.

I'm not sure if you guys are New Years Resolution people but I do secret ones.  Alot of NY resolution articles tell you to tell everyone you know so you keep your resolution-I'm not this person.  I have to tell no one so that I keep it going.  Not sure why this is-but it is just how I have to do it.  For example one year I gave up fried foods and did multiple years after.  The fried foods resolution many years ago when I wasn't so interested in what went into my body.  Are there any past Resolutions that you completed?

Artwork Update: December 2011

collective identity
Collective Identity, 2011

every sight and sound
Every Sight and Sound, 2011

25 December, 2011

Moved and Things in December


Over the holidays we moved to a new house on the outskirts of Houston.  The house has so much more light then we were used to.  We are still in organisation mode and haven't had time to really focus on the holidays.

We did check Lights in the Heights earlier this month.  It seemed like a block party with parents carting around their kids and their coolers.  Tons of people from all over Houston show up for the event.  We saw two handbell ringing groups which I had never seen before.  Some houses had musicians playing.  It was a very nice introduction to Houston at the holiday season.  

We went to see the exhibition, Salon of Beauty, at Rice Gallery before it close this month by Ana Serrano. It was neat to see all her cardboard houses and street scene.  I like cardboard work but I can never get terrible excited about it.

New Years 2007

I've been in Austin for New Years eve for many many years and now I'm in a completely new place.  I have loved going to downtown austin for First Night Austin since 2008 and then ANY 2011 last year.  This year I'm excited to experience another cities downtown new years eve celebration.  We are leaning towards going to Discovery Green for New Years Live.

Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday season :-)  Send me a message with what you are going to be up to for New Years!

16 December, 2011

December in Houston

autumn walk
autumn walk
autumn walk
autumn walk
it's December in Texas, which means somewhat cooler days.  Sometimes I wish that Texas would get a real blanket of snow but no one would know what to do with themselves.  So I am content with the autumn colors.  We will be moving into a new house over xmas.  It's in a nice neighborhood and close to Peter's work.  Hopefully I will get a chance to take photos of our xmas food/fun even though it might be a bit hectic after moving.