31 January, 2011

Event: Houston Auto Show

On Wednesday, Jan 26th, Peter and I went to the Auto Show. It was fun meandering around the cars and sitting and prodding their gadgets.

30 January, 2011

Event: Philbrook Museum

Besides looking at the great Art Deco architecture in Tulsa, we also went to the Philbrook Museum.

Philbrook Museum
James Valerio, BED, 1996

Philbrook Museum
Fred Habotie, Hopi Tashaf Kachina Dance, 1946

Philbrook Museum
Harrison Begay, Washing Hair, 1949

Philbrook Museum
Marilyn Levine, Spot's suitcase, 1981 (ceramic)

27 January, 2011

Collaboration: Cendrine Rovini

I was perusing flickr for my inspiration and found this very lovely artist, Cendrine Rovini. I was excited by her dreamy works and started favouriting her work. She then started favouriting my artwork back. I decided to write her to trade artwork, she replied with a definite YES. I was very excited and as I was peering at her work more and more, excited by the prospect of having her beautiful work in my home, I found that she had done collaborative works with other artists. It dawned on me that I wanted to know that there was work that both Cendrine and I had touched. I asked her how she felt about the idea of doing collaborations together, and she replied again, YES.

I was very excited. Our plan was to draw something and send it along with our trades. After we had finished we would send the collaboration back, so we both would get a collaboration piece.

We sent a list of images we adored and selected work as a surprise. I received the package and was so enthralled with the piece I received. It is a perfect beauty.

Cendrine sent me this lovely piece,
Masquée de forêt
which I have hanging in my bedroom. Beautiful artwork.

These are the two pieces we collaborated on,
Collaboration avec Kelly Rae

Collaboration avec Kelly Rae

Also, Cendrine Rovini's website: http://cendrine.rovini.over-blog.com/

Event: MonsterJam

Yes I recently went to the Monster Truck show in Houston called MonsterJam. I have always been interested in going to a Monster Truck show but after two hours we were rather bored. Watching these trucks race eachother around and around the track became very monotonous. Overall it made for good people watching.

16 January, 2011

Freezerburn and JJ Wedding

On Friday we went to Freezerburn in Dripping Springs, TX. A sort-of camping event. We met some very lovely people and saw a few familiar faces. One girl we met at Orfunner called Toro. We all hung out around the fire and talked about nonsense. The best sorts of conversations are about nothing. The in between times that make us laugh and bridge the gap between the very hard times and the simpler times.

I love these events not because specific things happen but because the people are all of a sudden free to be their full selves. No limits to what you say and people band together to honour each-other as humans. These things are not defined in what happens at these functions but it is my perspective.

Even though I was cold, wet and tired. I look back on Friday as not miserable because of the weather but as a experience. There was a fellow named Nick, I believe, who Peter helped put up Tarps to create a warmer area. Before we parted ways he talked about how he was reading the Tao Te Ching and that he wants to "stand back and let things be." For a long time I had felt deeply connected to the ideas of Taoism.

I had a moment of anxiousness before Joanna and Serious' wedding. I was helping them and I didn't feel like I was helping enough and felt frantic. I wanted to help but was feeling my limits. I snapped and felt horrible as soon as I did. Peter told me that I should breathe when those moments happen because snapping doesn't help anything. This moment brought me back to Tao Te Ching and I perused the text once again for clarity in that moment.

Being and non-being create each other.
Difficult and easy support each other.
Long and short define each other.
High and low depend on each other.
Before and after follow each other.

-Tao Te Ching

To see such lovely people as Joanna and John tying the knot was exciting.

I met Serious at Flipside last year through Peter. Instantly, as he walked up with a lighted staff, I knew I liked him. He meandered with us through the flipside and Orfunner terrain together. Many months after I met his lovely Joanna. She is equally wonderful. There is something magnetic about them both and watching them tie themselves to each other meant something dear to me. I'm very blessed to know such kind and giving people. They make everyone who come in contact with them feel valued and that is something I want to learn from them.

The experience of being able to be there watching their ceremony meant a lot to me.

Flipside 2010
Flipside 2010
Flipside 2010
Flipside 2010

12 January, 2011

Tulsa, Oklahoma Art Deco

I was excited to see the many splendid Art Deco buildings in Tulsa a couple of weeks ago.

Public Market
Warehouse Market, built 1929

Will Rogers High School
Will Rogers High School
Will Rogers High School, built 1938

The Adams
Mincks-Adams Hotel, built 1928

The Mayo Hotel
Mayo Hotel, built in 1925

Mid-Continent Tower
Mid-Continent Tower, built in 1918

Phil Tower
Philtower, Built in 1928

Philcade, built in 1931

Gillette-Tyrell Building, built in 1930


02 January, 2011

Event: New Years Eve

New Years Eve
New Years Eve, Impossible Project Colour Shade film

We picked up parisian macarons early in the day from La Boite
Flavours: Candy Cane, Rose Tangerine, Eggnog, Mince and Salty Caramel.

La Boite

Uchiko to eat some amazing sushi. The Scallop was one of our favourites with warmed rice, papery seaweed and a slice of avocado. Another favourite was the Hamachi (hamachi japanese yellow­tail, pickled shallot, jalapeño) and Boquerones (spanish white anchovy, bottarga, lemon zest). We also had the madai (japanese bream, shiso, meyer lemon zest, olive oil) which was very good.

Afterward we went downtown to ANY. My mom took this shot:

Monsters were roaming around auditorium shores doing battles.

Close to midnight we were back home :)