30 October, 2011

Prior to the Ceremony

Before the Ceremony
1. Small Chapel-Highland Park Baptist Church
2. garter belt and Peter's ring
3. hair finished
4. parents

The Chapel is the same one my parents got married in-isn't it pretty?

The garter was a gift from Peter's grandmother, DaOnne-it's so enchanting as an object and I know I'll keep it forever.  Everything that it's made from is antique and it also houses a beautiful opal in the center of the bow.  So it was my something blue, something old, something new, something borrowed.

Peter's ring is made of damascus steel and bought from Stonebrook Jewelry.
Wedding Day
I did my hair and makeup myself which I felt better about it.  I always feel rather strange getting primped overly by someone especially just for a couple of hours.  It let me focus on something while I was waiting, too.

I was very nervous before walking down the aisle and I'm sure everyone feels the same way once they are there. Prior you don't realise how anxious actually will be. There I was in the dressing room and all nerves. My bestie Edwina said I didn't look or act nervous at all (thankfully!).

Having my father walk me down the aisle helped so much. Knowing that I wasn't alone and that he was protecting me through those moments meant a great deal to me.

For those that want to see all the Wedding Weekend photos now, here is the set: flickr

28 October, 2011

Beginning of the Wedding Weekend

Beginning of the wedding weekend
1. South Congress Cafe-meeting Peter's Grandma and Aunt
2. Che Zee Rehearsal Dinner with Grandma Ehlers, Aunt Maudie and Marilyn
3. Che Zee
4. Margaret picking up flowers from Central Market

It was such a busy/lovely weekend but everything seemed to workout very well.  South Congress Cafe was a good place to have initial meeting of Peter's family.  We both love that restaurant-best brunches in Austin! 

I had never been to Che Zee prior to this weekend but had heard good things about their desserts.  Che Zee was magical with it's twinkling lights throughout the building.  The food was excellent, too--some of the best salmon I've had in years.

For those that want to see all the Wedding Weekend Photos now, here is the set: flickr

13 October, 2011


With everything that has been going on-I haven't had time to blog.  When I gather a collection of photographs from the wedding I will start posting :-)  We have been enjoying NYC but we are ready to be home with our Francis and our comforts.

Many people have asked-does it feel different being married? It feels the same but with some official qualities. We really enjoyed our time with family and friends at the reception. We are very thankful for all the lovely people in our lives.

03 October, 2011

Event: Edwina comes to the states

Edwina has arrived!
Image 19
Image 15
Image 40-deep
Image 34
Image 36
1.Edwina gifted me a the current Frankie Magazine.  I talked about them in a I Heart this post awhile back.
2. She showed me all the goodies she got from San Francisco
3. MFAH -new exhibition on: Life & Luxury: The Art of Living in Eighteenth-Century Paris exhibition (on through Dec 11, 2011)

Just five days til the wedding.