31 October, 2010

I heart this, Sunday: Frankie Magazine

All I can think about is Frankie. Yes, Frankie, something that I adore and wish that I could run to the magazine rack and buy. The first time I spotted Frankie was at Borders in Canberra, Australia. This is probably one of my most frequented spots, perusing the contemporary culture of Australia. It is a uber adorable magazine published in Australia which features illustrations and cutesy articles. Articles such as, The Parent Trap: Why mums and dads don't belong on facebook and My Inspirational Wall: Five Creatives, some blank space and lots and lots of stuff.

The last issue was a gift from my lovely friend, Edwina, which is from Dec 2009. An awesome gift :-)
Edwina Wright
I'm not sure that there is an American equivalent to this magazine, although Domino Mag came close. Too bad it's out of print as of 2009.

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