10 January, 2012

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08 January, 2012

Baby: Jan 5th 2012

Jan 5th 2012
Jan 5th was very eventful-I had my first sonogram.  Yes-that's right we are pregnant!  We are due sometime in June and very excited.  The sweet little baby was crossing his legs while we were looking-so cute.  We heard the heartbeat, too :-)  Dr. Hodges said that the baby looks healthy and is developing just fine.  I'm going back in three weeks and she will be able to tell us the gender.  We will be excited about having either a boy or a girl but many have told us they would be partial to a gender.  Are you partial to a certain gender?

My jeans are starting to feel snug.  I'm looking for maternity clothes (leggings and jeans).  I really don't want a bunch of maternity clothes laying around-just a few key pieces for comfort.  Once your body changes in these ways you realize how used to being a certain way you are.  These things you grew to know about yourself change when you are pregnant.  Your body, cravings, emotions and tiredness.

There is something really magical about making a little life with the person you love.
Jan 5th 2012