29 July, 2011

I heart this: Material Culture


I find Material Culture very fascinating. The idea of a person having a deep connection with an object and soliciting it with emotive responsibilities. Humans innately interact with objects in this way by projecting our wishes and desires onto the things that surround us. I project into these objects below and force them to carry a indirect nostalgia. We connect all sorts of memories to objects even if they are not our own. For example someone say "my mom used to read Beatrix Potter stories to me all the time." Everytime you see a Beatrix Potter book you associate those images with the person. The feeling of that person gets left behind through those objects. A specific object they may never have touched becomes related because that is how our minds network information. Creating a mind map of everything that is related-things that we do not associate with other things lose rank. When you value something-does it have ties to more than one thing in your life?

Wooden car toys
Wooden car toys

The wooden cars were made by Peter when he was little. I love that he made them because many children get every single toy they ever own bought for them. When a child makes their own toys rather than an adult making the a toy with an idea of what the child needs-it's a very interesting development. The child takes it in their control to decide what they need for the use of play. An article I recently read from the Journal of Material Culture: The Material Culture of Children and Childhood discusses this idea well: download copy of pdf here

26 July, 2011

I heart this: Fotomost booklet

Fotomost limited run zine
Fotomost limited run zine
Going to the photobooth.net page to see if there might be a new photobooth in your area. Knowing that you should be happy with the color one that is so close.

Instead you found information about a small publication called fotomost. I had to order it and for 5$ it seemed like an obvious yes.

You can purchase yours here Be aware that they are a limited run.
To see my photobooth pictures go here

My friend Cathy's photoboothness here

24 July, 2011

Hivenn's Sketchbook Sunday

Thank You Hivenn!!!

Hivenn blogged my sketchbook recently and you can see it here.

Other images from the past:
by Cathy
drawing from my past sketchbook+magnolia photo by Cathy Wu

14 July, 2011

I heart this: Article about Facebook

a unicorn
I get asked alot "are you on Facebook?" How do I answer this question when I'm not? I think I'll just say I'm a unicorn in the digital era. I'm referencing a article I read recently which I think best explains how it feels to NOT be a facebooker.

Why I'm Not on Facebook, and Why You Shouldn't Be Either

It's not that I'm not a lover of things online- I am. Obsessed with my blogs, my personal website, flickr, second flickr and probably many other web related things. If you want to access me-you can.

I heart this: Etsuko Ichikawa

You can view her website here.

13 July, 2011

Artwork Update: July 2011

Sunshower, 2011

What we give
What we give, 2011

ninth tail
Ninth Tail, 2011

I have left my usual "draw from references" mentality and now I'm trying to use my own mind to create pieces. These come about from a fluidity of what is internal. How we feel things but not always can discern those emotions.

11 July, 2011

I heart this: stamps and washi tape

Playing Card stamps
Washi Tape
Washi Tape

1. Playing Card Stamps which I utterly adore.
2. Washi Tape bought from this etsy store, PrettyTape
3. tape in use on our wedding invitations :-)

10 July, 2011

Event: Gingerman pint night July 6th

Adventuring across town to get a draught beer at Gingerman. Ordering the local cider you have only heard stories about: Leprechaun Cider Company

Peter ordered the pint night beer-Gulden Draak. Isn't the glass pretty? So glad we could bring it home with us. The beer was delicious, too!

06 July, 2011

Event: NOLA weekend

We stayed at a place Peter stayed awhile ago:Avenue Inn Bed and Breakfast The building is dated 1891 and it is massive with 17 bedrooms. It was a really wonderful place to stay-we stayed in a sleepy upstairs room which was the old Mardi Gra dancing practice room.

I'm going to stick with my favourite things which I admit is quite a bit.
libairie bookshop
We walked all over New Orleans and meandered into many dusty old book shops. Peter found some lovely old Engineering books at the Arcadian books & prints. In the Beckham's book shop I found an old typography book.

We met up with Peter's friend David and he lived in this amazing apartment complex in the warehouse district. It looked like a regular warehouse from the outside but once inside it was a little wonderland. He took us to Cochon Dining near his place. DELICIOUS! Afterwards we walked around the Marigny and French Quarter looking at the madness of the city.

The next day we kept a sleepy pace walking around all over the city. Our first stop was Hey! Cafe is a small indie (Yes I'm using the word, Indie) coffee shop off Magazine street. Look at their website and you'll pretty much get the vibe of the cafe ;) We met up with David again at Sylvain. I had a in-house made ginger ale-amazing. Went to the Carousel bar afterwards which is a carousel inside a hotel that (yes you guessed it) turns round and round.
picadilly lounge
Our last night in New Orleans we stopped by Creole Creamery I had the Watermelon sorbet and Peter had the Bourbon Butter pecan. Both extremely delicious and perfect for the relentlessly hot days in Nola.

There is an insane amount of amazing food in this city!

The Boudin Shop which is located in Hendersen, LA on your way in and out of New Orleans. I tried crawfish etouffe for the first time ever-amazing.