06 July, 2011

Event: NOLA weekend

We stayed at a place Peter stayed awhile ago:Avenue Inn Bed and Breakfast The building is dated 1891 and it is massive with 17 bedrooms. It was a really wonderful place to stay-we stayed in a sleepy upstairs room which was the old Mardi Gra dancing practice room.

I'm going to stick with my favourite things which I admit is quite a bit.
libairie bookshop
We walked all over New Orleans and meandered into many dusty old book shops. Peter found some lovely old Engineering books at the Arcadian books & prints. In the Beckham's book shop I found an old typography book.

We met up with Peter's friend David and he lived in this amazing apartment complex in the warehouse district. It looked like a regular warehouse from the outside but once inside it was a little wonderland. He took us to Cochon Dining near his place. DELICIOUS! Afterwards we walked around the Marigny and French Quarter looking at the madness of the city.

The next day we kept a sleepy pace walking around all over the city. Our first stop was Hey! Cafe is a small indie (Yes I'm using the word, Indie) coffee shop off Magazine street. Look at their website and you'll pretty much get the vibe of the cafe ;) We met up with David again at Sylvain. I had a in-house made ginger ale-amazing. Went to the Carousel bar afterwards which is a carousel inside a hotel that (yes you guessed it) turns round and round.
picadilly lounge
Our last night in New Orleans we stopped by Creole Creamery I had the Watermelon sorbet and Peter had the Bourbon Butter pecan. Both extremely delicious and perfect for the relentlessly hot days in Nola.

There is an insane amount of amazing food in this city!

The Boudin Shop which is located in Hendersen, LA on your way in and out of New Orleans. I tried crawfish etouffe for the first time ever-amazing.


cathy said...

mmmmmmmmmm! if you ever go back, it's a bit far out, but the farmers market - and eat the grapes - SO GOOD.

happy you had such a great time :)

Kelly Rae said...

:-) definitely want to go back. I looked up the farmer's market but it was such a limited trip. now all I can think about is grapes.