14 July, 2011

I heart this: Article about Facebook

a unicorn
I get asked alot "are you on Facebook?" How do I answer this question when I'm not? I think I'll just say I'm a unicorn in the digital era. I'm referencing a article I read recently which I think best explains how it feels to NOT be a facebooker.

Why I'm Not on Facebook, and Why You Shouldn't Be Either

It's not that I'm not a lover of things online- I am. Obsessed with my blogs, my personal website, flickr, second flickr and probably many other web related things. If you want to access me-you can.


la hanza said...

Makes a lot of good points. I have a lot of mixed feelings about Facebook.

Kelly Rae said...

facebook is a strange one. I saw that you are going to be part of the Keep Austin Beautiful fashion show-so awesome! :)