29 April, 2011

Artwork Update: April 2011

Thank You
Thank You, 2011

Sorry about that
Sorry about that, 2011

We Forget
We forget, 2011

Think This through
Think this through, 2011

Owls, 2011

26 April, 2011

Artwork Update:

These works are from 2010 but I finally scanned them,
Picnic Series-Quail
Picnic Series-Quail, 2010

Picnic Series-Zebra
Picnic Series-Zebra, 2010

Picnic Series-Tiger
Picnic Series-Tiger, 2010

Imaginary Rotation
Imaginary Rotation, 2010

24 April, 2011

Event: Trip to Austin

I just went to Austin this past weekend to set up a reception space for the wedding in the fall. It was a whirlwind of a weekend-with too much to do. My mom and I ventured to Mayfield Park first where we got to see the Peacocks doing their courtship dance. We also toured the cottage and received some background history. The first peacocks that were on this property were gifts to the Mayfield's in 1930s. They have since brought in new peacocks to create genetic diversity.

Afterwards we visited Highland Park Baptist Chapel, where my parents were married in 1977. I really adored the blue abstracted stained glass. The outside of the chapel didn't have the lustre that it had inside.

Then off to Caswell house, where we were greeted by Bryan and shown around the historic house. The house was built in 1890s and is a nonprofit organization. They give teddybears to children that have gone through traumatic events. They also have a long list of community service, you can see the history of community service here.

South Congress cafe for dinner. One of my mom's favourite restaurants in Austin. They do a lovely brunch here as well.

Heather, a dear friend of mine, came over in the evening. It was wonderful to see her.
Heather L.
lovely Heather

Next day was spent finalising plans with my mom about the Reception. It was a intense process...also what feels to be most confusing because you want to please everyone but in the end you can never satisfy everyone.

ooo AND I found a neat leather bag at a thrift store,

Sunday, I had a long lunch with Teruko at Whole Foods. We were able to catch up. We also popped into Anthropologie and Bookpeople.

Also, I received lovely mail from Cathy. I adore the animal headed postcard :) They are really great.

*All the photos taken in the collages were by my mom. :)

12 April, 2011

Magical Day


About two weeks ago (March 25th) Peter and I went camping at Apache Pass. The land we camped on is across the river from where Flipside takes place.

On Saturday morning Peter and I went for a walk to where Flipside takes place. We walked to where the effigy had burned in 2010 and also where we had camped together. Then he surprised me with "This is where it all began, so will you marry me?" I started shaking with excitement and said "yes" and thus the announcement ;)

We do not have a date yet but we are thinking Fall of this year(leaning towards October). We are going to have a very tiny ceremony.

Instead of engagement photos we went to a photobooth. This photobooth usually prints in colour but the ink ran out, it gave a nice vintage feel.


Click Here to see the full photobooth picture.

09 April, 2011

Event: Crawfish Boil

ugh. how could I forget my camera? I attended a Crawfish Boil today. My first crawfish boil and I was all excited about taking photos...oh well. At least I got to experience it. Maybe I'll share what little I found out.

It was in a backyard with several small groups of people. The person who cooked the crawfish would spill them onto a large table. One person from each of the small groups would go to the crawfish table and scoop up hoards of food onto their tray (inclusive of corn on the cob, mushrooms, garlic, potatoes and of course, Crawfish. It seemed primal to me, everyone bringing food back to their groups and eating in smaller quieter groups.

These are Instructions to how to eat a crawfish from eHOW (Thank you internet):

things you'll need:

* Paper towels
* A cold beverage
* Time to kill
* A table
* Newspaper

1. Once the crawfish are boiled, pour them on a table covered with newspaper or put them in a tray.
2. Grab a crawfish and twist the tail and pull it apart from the head. Put the head aside.
3. Gently separate the tail from the body by peeling off a few of the top shell segments (the one's farthest from the end of the tail).
4. Pinch the fan-like end of the tail with your fingers while carefully pulling the meat from the tail with your teeth and eat. Discard the shell. Wipe fingers and mouth with paper towels.
5. Grab the crawfish head and suck out the juices and the golden fat. The head has lots of flavoring so it might be spicy. Wash down with a cold beverage.

I will just have to remember my camera next time I attend one.

If you are really interested in seeing a photo of a crawfish boil food go here.

Edwina's visit to Austin, 2010

Edwina recently posted some film photos from her visit last year. I wanted to share with you some of her photos and some of mine.

The first are going to be from Edwina's flickr,

from my flickr,
gourdough's donut
Le Petit Prince


07 April, 2011

Artwork Update: April 2011

Felidae, 2011

Sensory Memory
Sensory Memory, 2011

In honour of
In honour of, 2011

If I had known
If I had known, 2011

03 April, 2011

Event: Menil Community Arts Festival

Yesterday we attended the Menil Community Arts Festival. I was really excited about the Indie book Festival but there weren't as many zines as I had hoped there would be.

We popped into the Menil Collection to see their two new-to-us exhibitions, The Whole World was Watching and
Tony Smith: Drawings
below is from brochure,
The Whole World was Watching
The Whole World was Watching at the Menil Collection
Tony Smith Drawings @ the Menil Collection
I really loved the photographs from the Civil Rights movement, the one they showed in the brochure was beautiful.
We also went to the Rothko Chapel. This was Peter's first visit and we had the same reaction. It's interesting. The black paintings that change as the daylight hits them...all of the concepts are very modernist but for me it feels dry. I might regret saying that later on but for now I feel it is a adequate response to the past.

I really loved this day and although I'm not giving rave reviews for Rothko or the Indie book festival...it's nice to see community involvement. People actively seeking things that are not commonly in their schedule. Also, to see everyone enjoying the beautiful day was a lovely sight.