30 June, 2011

off we go

Art Car
Art Car off 19th street, Impossible Project PX680 color shade film

We were planning on heading to Austin this weekend but my parent's house is too full for the fourth of July of party.
So we head for New Orleans instead! I have only been once before to visit a friend. I lost all my photos from that first trip which was rather disheartening.

What I remember from that trip:
-Contemporary Arts Center
-Beckham's bookshop
-New Orleans Public Library: Latter branch
-Faulkner House Books
-Buying pralines for my family at Southern Candymakers
-Borders off St. Charles st that is now closed. It was originally a funeral home, see article here
-picnicking at the Fly with Josh
-buying a dress at French Connection
-eating Sushi at Kyoto with Josh and Michael
-small bikram yoga class at the Yoga Room

I'm Excited-I will share more later.

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