13 June, 2011

Event: Best of Ottawa Film Festival at MFAH

Trailer for the best of Ottawa Film Festival:

Scan 4

I will just list my favourites:
Little Deaths by Ruth Lingford, US, 11mins.

Little Deaths is about the exploration of the orgasm.

La Traversée by Elise Simard, Canada, 4.5 min.

I love the style of the artwork in the animation but the storyline was a bit drawn out for what it was.

Blockhead ‘The Music Scene’ by Anthony Schepperd, US, 2010, 5 mins.

"The Music Scene" from Anthony Francisco Schepperd on Vimeo.

Music video for Blockhead
"It is an animated mindmelt that transforms into a post human New York where TV and animals discover each other, an event that leads to places neither of them could have ever expected."

Sinna Mann (Angry Man) by Anita Killi, Norway, 2010, 20 mins.

Although quite a lengthy film it does get a good point across. I appreciated the use of "the king" and the dog in the animation as helpers of the boy to find his voice.
"Sinna Mann (Angry Man) is a film about secrets that shouldn’t be secret."

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