31 October, 2010

Event: Dia de los Muertos Festival

Yesterday, Dia de los Muertos at the Mexican American Cultural Center
Mexican American Cultural CenterMexican American Cultural Center Teruko Nimura

We also visited the Monster Show 5 at Domy books,

Also, had an impromptu view of the Starving Art studios. It's a really neat place along with Starlite mini urban drive-in theatre. Emily Mitchell, one of the visual artists housed in the Starving Art community showed us around :-)

We also saw some of Matt Winters work in the gallery space,

Since I have been out of the "artist" loop since I took a gallery opening hiatus in 2010. It is nice to see what Austin is providing for the artists and it's nice to know the community is growing. I forgot how busy artists lives are, juggling all their different identities.

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