28 October, 2011

Beginning of the Wedding Weekend

Beginning of the wedding weekend
1. South Congress Cafe-meeting Peter's Grandma and Aunt
2. Che Zee Rehearsal Dinner with Grandma Ehlers, Aunt Maudie and Marilyn
3. Che Zee
4. Margaret picking up flowers from Central Market

It was such a busy/lovely weekend but everything seemed to workout very well.  South Congress Cafe was a good place to have initial meeting of Peter's family.  We both love that restaurant-best brunches in Austin! 

I had never been to Che Zee prior to this weekend but had heard good things about their desserts.  Che Zee was magical with it's twinkling lights throughout the building.  The food was excellent, too--some of the best salmon I've had in years.

For those that want to see all the Wedding Weekend Photos now, here is the set: flickr

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