22 December, 2010

Draw what you want, Wednesday

Camping May 2010

This weeks request was by Tad (aka Polyphase)

Tad's request:

Its not wednesday, and I'm not good at following rules, so ill post here. Will you draw a one humped camel and a two humped camel yin-yangish deal? You know, with the humps fitting together. I believe this happens frequently, but no one has ever witnessed it before. My life will not be complete without a rendition.

I rather like how it turned out, hope that you do too.

Yin-Yang Camels, 2010


Jess said...

I very very very much like this. It also reminds me of Tibetan or Nepalese art. I was going to send you a link, but I can't find the one I wanted to show you. Bhaktapur art/craft is a good place to start looking, if you are interested.

Kelly Rae Burns said...

:-) I will definitely check it out. Thank you!