13 November, 2010

Event: 2010 Texas Mexico Chapter Art Library Association


Artist Brochure rotating files, Hirsch Library at the MFAH

On Saturday morning we met at the Museum of Fine art in Houston's Hirsch Library.

Where I met,
Edward Lukasek, Catalog Librarian for Hirsch Library and also Treasurer of Art Library Association TXMX chapter

Jon Evans, Hirsch Library Reference Librarian, past President of the Library Association TXMX Chapter.

Lynn Wexler, Hirsch Library Assistant

We toured their facility which consisted of the main library accessible to the public and the downstairs storage area. They talked of another offsite facility which houses more of their books. The Library was created in 1927 with the initial plans for the Museum.

Also, we were given a curator tour of two linked exhibitions at the MFAH.

Drawing from Nature:Landscapes
and "A Variation of Impressionism" German Impressionist Landscape Painting

my notes:
Artists are always being told who they are.
History and Perspective.
Prolific Artists.
Uncommissioned vs. commissioned.
drew many things of their own accord.
Observing from life with the abstract mind of an artist.
what parts of humanity are you capturing?

Sio Shalako Kachina doll, Hopi, Arizona 1910-1940 in the MFAH collection

I popped into the Contemporary Arts Museum (aka the CAM), which had two shows: Benjamin Patterson: Born in the State of FLUX/us AND Perspectives 172: Kirsten Pieroth

my notes:
Redefining our world.
aspect of collecting, what makes us archive something?
The artists playing with nostalgia of society.

We met at Inman Gallery to hear Dario Robleto talk about his work. The gallery also had work up by Yuko Murata who was featured in Drop Dead Cute book with other Japanese women artists.

my notes:
About Yuko Murata:
How do galleries hear of international artists?
Simplistic representation of nature.
The "empty" space is important-We must think about the areas we leave beyond the main subject.

About Dario Robleto:
Making our own artifacts
"art is inefficient."
how we research as artists...

Bayou Bend: Ima Hogg's house map

The Art Library group met at Bayou Bend Collections and Gardens which is part of MFAH's collection. It is Ima Hogg's old house. Many objects founds in MFAH are part of her own art collection, which is pretty exciting for the Houston area art scene. My favourite part of her house was the dining room which had handpainted walls.

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