14 November, 2010

I Heart This, Sunday: Coffee

Last week I loved on Clare Rojas, known for her folk art style of artwork. This week I want to talk about something you might call an addiction versus a love.

notre dame courtyard

Notre Dame, 2007

Something I have adored since traveling abroad in 2007 to Europe is Coffee. Yes, Coffee! I had never tried coffee prior to Italy and was repulsed by the smell. What I realised later is that my mom made Folger's coffee every morning. I remember the smell infiltrating the house and me wanting to throw up from the stench. It all changed once i was meandering through the streets of Paris with my dear friend Jeremie.
Jeremie in Paris, 2007 (in Jardin des Tuileries, it was hand painted with real hair)

We would pop into a p√Ętisserie for a lovely almond or chocolate croissant. Then sit in one of the many lovely cafes drinking espresso. These simplistic moments sitting with my friend Jeremie while drawing and jotting down notes are very interconnected to my passion for the drink. Randomly I will look at black and white photographs of women sitting outside cafes in Paris drinking their coffees and reading or chatting with friends. That bold woman who sits alone with no needed attendance.

I came back to the states saddened by the differences in structure around coffee. People would not frequent bars to order a espresso. Not that all American coffee is like Folgers. We do have some exceptional cafes filled with people who know how to make hearts in our latte froth. It is not a lost art here, it is just different.

Bouldin Creek Coffeehouse, soy latte, 2010

Espresso at Thunderbird Coffeehouse

Thunderbird Coffee Shop, espresso with Edwina, 2008

Espresso at McCormick
McCormick and Schmicks, espresso, 2008

One of the biggest reasons I wanted to talk about coffee is I woke up dreaming of it. My dark roast coffee mixed with soy vanilla milk. With my pajamas still on and thinking about coffee across the globe.
coffee at QVB

Sydney Australia at the QVB, soy latte, 2008

coffee at the coffee club

Brisbane, Australia, Coffee Club, Soy latte, 2008

esquire coffee

Auckland, NZ, Esquire, soy latte, 2008

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