17 November, 2010

Draw what you want, Wednesday

Log Cabin
Log Cabin, 2010

This week I took Jeremie's request, Log Cabin. I can't help but think of Lincoln Logs something I would randomly play with as a child because there weren't any legos.

Jeremie F.
Jeremie, 2010

Legos, South by Southwest 2009


Soilduck said...

I like this idea, Kel! Have you heard of illustration Friday? Google it! Same idea, but on a artist community scale.

I love mystical fungi! So, anytime that pops up I would be eternally grateful and happy :)

Kelly Rae Burns said...

I looked up Illustration Friday, it looks really neat :-) I'll keep mystical fungi in mind for sure ;)

cathy said...

the lego photo is perfect.