12 April, 2011

Magical Day


About two weeks ago (March 25th) Peter and I went camping at Apache Pass. The land we camped on is across the river from where Flipside takes place.

On Saturday morning Peter and I went for a walk to where Flipside takes place. We walked to where the effigy had burned in 2010 and also where we had camped together. Then he surprised me with "This is where it all began, so will you marry me?" I started shaking with excitement and said "yes" and thus the announcement ;)

We do not have a date yet but we are thinking Fall of this year(leaning towards October). We are going to have a very tiny ceremony.

Instead of engagement photos we went to a photobooth. This photobooth usually prints in colour but the ink ran out, it gave a nice vintage feel.


Click Here to see the full photobooth picture.


la hanza said...

Yay!!!!!!!!!! Congratulation! I need to meet him ASAP!

Kelly Rae said...

Yes in May, hopefully :-)

Lauren Loricchio said...

Congrats lady!