03 April, 2011

Event: Menil Community Arts Festival

Yesterday we attended the Menil Community Arts Festival. I was really excited about the Indie book Festival but there weren't as many zines as I had hoped there would be.

We popped into the Menil Collection to see their two new-to-us exhibitions, The Whole World was Watching and
Tony Smith: Drawings
below is from brochure,
The Whole World was Watching
The Whole World was Watching at the Menil Collection
Tony Smith Drawings @ the Menil Collection
I really loved the photographs from the Civil Rights movement, the one they showed in the brochure was beautiful.
We also went to the Rothko Chapel. This was Peter's first visit and we had the same reaction. It's interesting. The black paintings that change as the daylight hits them...all of the concepts are very modernist but for me it feels dry. I might regret saying that later on but for now I feel it is a adequate response to the past.

I really loved this day and although I'm not giving rave reviews for Rothko or the Indie book festival...it's nice to see community involvement. People actively seeking things that are not commonly in their schedule. Also, to see everyone enjoying the beautiful day was a lovely sight.


Jess said...

I would love to see that Civil Rights exhibition! Did they have a book? Maybe I can buy it...

Kelly Rae Burns said...

I don't think they had a book associated with the exhibition but this book looks like it would satisfy,