09 April, 2011

Event: Crawfish Boil

ugh. how could I forget my camera? I attended a Crawfish Boil today. My first crawfish boil and I was all excited about taking photos...oh well. At least I got to experience it. Maybe I'll share what little I found out.

It was in a backyard with several small groups of people. The person who cooked the crawfish would spill them onto a large table. One person from each of the small groups would go to the crawfish table and scoop up hoards of food onto their tray (inclusive of corn on the cob, mushrooms, garlic, potatoes and of course, Crawfish. It seemed primal to me, everyone bringing food back to their groups and eating in smaller quieter groups.

These are Instructions to how to eat a crawfish from eHOW (Thank you internet):

things you'll need:

* Paper towels
* A cold beverage
* Time to kill
* A table
* Newspaper

1. Once the crawfish are boiled, pour them on a table covered with newspaper or put them in a tray.
2. Grab a crawfish and twist the tail and pull it apart from the head. Put the head aside.
3. Gently separate the tail from the body by peeling off a few of the top shell segments (the one's farthest from the end of the tail).
4. Pinch the fan-like end of the tail with your fingers while carefully pulling the meat from the tail with your teeth and eat. Discard the shell. Wipe fingers and mouth with paper towels.
5. Grab the crawfish head and suck out the juices and the golden fat. The head has lots of flavoring so it might be spicy. Wash down with a cold beverage.

I will just have to remember my camera next time I attend one.

If you are really interested in seeing a photo of a crawfish boil food go here.

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