24 March, 2011

Featured on Hortus Noctis

I was featured awhile back on Cendrine Rovini's blog, Hortus Noctis.

I had talked about our collaboration awhile back, which you can go back to

I used google translate to decipher what the lovely Cendrine Rovini had said about my work. It deeply moved me and I felt that it was proper to create a new blog post about it.

"With Kelly Rae Burns to inaugurate this new series on my favorite artists.
Kelly's work is that of metamorphosis, they are tattoos that become badgers, cats which mate and are gods, plants that grow seed-deer. Each drawing or mixed media is like a shamanic incantation. Sometimes the colors explode, leaving the horns, stretch the legs and faces, there are triangles, stripes, earth currents. When one of the creatures of Kelly Rae looks at you is like a question, or suggestion, the beginnings of dialogue."

Thank You Cendrine, each time I look at your artwork I am moved. The ethereal way you draw and how you create a dialogue about female identity.

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