27 January, 2011

Collaboration: Cendrine Rovini

I was perusing flickr for my inspiration and found this very lovely artist, Cendrine Rovini. I was excited by her dreamy works and started favouriting her work. She then started favouriting my artwork back. I decided to write her to trade artwork, she replied with a definite YES. I was very excited and as I was peering at her work more and more, excited by the prospect of having her beautiful work in my home, I found that she had done collaborative works with other artists. It dawned on me that I wanted to know that there was work that both Cendrine and I had touched. I asked her how she felt about the idea of doing collaborations together, and she replied again, YES.

I was very excited. Our plan was to draw something and send it along with our trades. After we had finished we would send the collaboration back, so we both would get a collaboration piece.

We sent a list of images we adored and selected work as a surprise. I received the package and was so enthralled with the piece I received. It is a perfect beauty.

Cendrine sent me this lovely piece,
Masquée de forêt
which I have hanging in my bedroom. Beautiful artwork.

These are the two pieces we collaborated on,
Collaboration avec Kelly Rae

Collaboration avec Kelly Rae

Also, Cendrine Rovini's website: http://cendrine.rovini.over-blog.com/


Cendrine Rovini said...

Merci very much Kelly. It really was en honour to make the collaboration with you and a strong emotion to receive your artworks ! :)

Jennifer said...

I am very impressed by the first collaborative image shown. The two images work together beautifully as one. If you had not told me that it was done by two persons, I would have never guessed. The visions are so well unified.

As always, your work is beautiful and thought provoking. I'm glad to see the subtle evolution in your work as well. It appears more introspective and softer while still maintaining edge.

I'd love to come by sometime and see your most recent portfolio. I want to draw or paint something, but I'm just not sure what...yet. Still waiting on inspiration...

Kelly Rae Burns said...

Thank You Cendrine for doing this colloboration with me :) I think the pieces turned out very well.

Thank You Jennifer :) all your words mean alot to me.