02 January, 2011

Event: New Years Eve

New Years Eve
New Years Eve, Impossible Project Colour Shade film

We picked up parisian macarons early in the day from La Boite
Flavours: Candy Cane, Rose Tangerine, Eggnog, Mince and Salty Caramel.

La Boite

Uchiko to eat some amazing sushi. The Scallop was one of our favourites with warmed rice, papery seaweed and a slice of avocado. Another favourite was the Hamachi (hamachi japanese yellow­tail, pickled shallot, jalapeƱo) and Boquerones (spanish white anchovy, bottarga, lemon zest). We also had the madai (japanese bream, shiso, meyer lemon zest, olive oil) which was very good.

Afterward we went downtown to ANY. My mom took this shot:

Monsters were roaming around auditorium shores doing battles.

Close to midnight we were back home :)

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