08 March, 2011

March Birthdays

fish bicyler
A lot of the dearest people in my life are Pisces and I thought I would dedicate a blog post to them.

First is La Hanza who I met in grade school :) La Hanza who you can find here (Fashion Flickr and here (photography).
and this is her adorable dog, Trixie,

(Trixie photo from Viva La Hanza's flickr)
Besides taking awesome photos and being uber fashionable she also is a counselor.

Sarah who I also met in grade school during a school dance. Yes, a school dance. Lives in the Northeast now and teaches. She also is heading Monadnock Roller Derby team. You might have noticed her visit in Febuary.
Sarah W.

Sarah at Barton Springs

Peter who I met at Plush sometime in 2009 and then again at Flipside in 2010.
Flipside 2010
Flipside 2010
Kel and Peter
Our first photobooth picture in Summer 2010
New Years Eve
New Years 2010

It is hard to explain the closeness I feel for these Pisceans.


la hanza said...

Yay! I didn't know peter was a pisces too! Love you!!!

Kelly Rae Burns said...

:-) Yes, he is. I'm excited about your blog btw