23 August, 2011

Event: Parents in town and Bhldn

My parents came into town last weekend for dress shopping.  This post realizes how much I've stopped taking photos.  I should really stop feeling so silly taking my camera around because my blog seems sad without photos.  What's the point without the images?  Who wants to read large amounts of text anyway.

My BHLDN appt went very well.  We found "the one" as my friend Adrienne and I have been calling it.  

If you are curious about the name bhldn, it stems from beholden.  Even though their website talks about choosing the word based on the dutch word for keep, beholden.  There isn't any L in this word so I'm going back to beholden.

Beholden \bi-ˈhōl-dən, bē-\: being under obligation for a favor or gift : indebted <I'm beholden to you>

I tried on so many things-it was utterly exhausting.  You really can get lost in the intricacy of all the items in the store-which you can never even grasp online.  

Scan 2


Jess said...

It is lovely Kelly! :D

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