28 December, 2011

Xmas and New Years

For Christmas, Margaret and Ken (Peter's parents) came into town and helped with the move.  We also ate a nice whole foods turkey dinner together at our new place.  This was a very untraditional xmas but it was nice to see both our parents.  My parents came in suddenly and stayed with my aunt and uncle.  We only saw them for a short spell but it was nice to see both our parents for the holidays.  

Peter's amazing xmas gift from Rust.  If you haven't heard of Rust they are based in England.  They make beautifully delicate pieces.  

I have plans for this little locket to house my loved ones.

As for New Years eve we went to Discovery Green for New Years Live.  We caught the tail end of the art car parade and after walking around a little bit left.  It wasn't really for us and most of the time there wasn't anything going on.  They had cut a lot of the areas off so it was hard to get around through the park.  Next year we might just have something at our place-we will see how we feel next year.

I'm not sure if you guys are New Years Resolution people but I do secret ones.  Alot of NY resolution articles tell you to tell everyone you know so you keep your resolution-I'm not this person.  I have to tell no one so that I keep it going.  Not sure why this is-but it is just how I have to do it.  For example one year I gave up fried foods and did multiple years after.  The fried foods resolution many years ago when I wasn't so interested in what went into my body.  Are there any past Resolutions that you completed?

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