05 February, 2011

Artist Residency

This weekend on Feb 6th I venture off to the Contemporary Arts Center at Woodside in Troy, NY. I have had huge amounts of support from family and friends. The residency is located in the old Woodside Church. I adore the old architecture of the building and I'm excited by the prospect of it's open spaces. The residency will allow me to create large scale works or at least have the capability of doing so. One of my dear friends, Sarah, lives in New Hampshire and she is already planning to visit me. I'm excited to see her and enjoy a familiar face :-)

I will miss everyone back home in Texas immensely. I return to the warm state of Texas in early April.

These are photos from my first Northeastern trip ever in 2009. I visited some very dear friends of mine, Natalie, Marian and Sarah.


Boston, MA
Boston, MA
Ula Cafe

New Hampshire library
New Hampshire


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